12 Vintage Trends That Deserve a Comeback
Claire Miles - March 13, 2018

For starters, there’s lot of vintage trends that absolutely do not deserve a comeback. Shoulder pads, perms, acid washed jeans… what were we thinking?! These are not those trends. These are the nostalgic, timeless, and effortlessly relevant trends that transcend time and space, the trends that remain at the peak of style and fashion no matter what other fads happen along the way. Let’s start a revolution. Let’s refuse to give up the trends that made us who we are! (Or not, whatever.)

Slap Bracelets

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It was all fun and games until people started… slapping you in the face.

Dr. Martens

When I was eight-years-old, I owned a vintage pair of floral pattern Dr Martins. I was so much cooler back then.


Bonus points if it was the kind that was meant to look like a badass tattoo across your neck.

Guess Jeans

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Guess people got tired of guessing? I wish these ads were as iconic today as they were back then. Sigh.

Mini Backpacks

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Mini storage, mega fun. The perfect accessory that none of your school supplies could actually fit inside!

Scrunched Socks

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Your ankles need some style, too!


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Farmer chic made its way into high fashion, and we are forever grateful. Also, this trend may or may not be in the midst of a comeback.

Babydoll Dresses

Sugar and spice and everything nice? That’s exactly what this design was created to inspire. But, if you knew anyone who actually owned a babydoll dress, they were probably a little more than just sugar, spice, and everything nice…


So many colors/fabrics/textures/styles/and endless possibilities!!!!


What other decade can be summed up in one bold, bright, and inspiring color? Goldenrod yellow is the iconic color of the decade that has nostalgic inducing powers beyond our own comprehension.

Tinted Sunglasses

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I’m convinced this is why we look back on the past and it seems to have this vintage sepia filter in our heads. 

High-Waisted Everything

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It’s fashionable, it’s flattering, and here’s to hoping the high-waisted trend never goes out of style.

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