14 Top Destinations For the Ultimate Beach-Bum
Andrew Parker - June 11, 2019

Wherever you may be, sit down and imagine yourself lying down on a cushioned beach chair. You’re catching some rays, with your feet immersed in the white sand after you just took a dip in the bright blue and clear ocean. Now, this is a dream come true for many and can easily be a reality with the help of a little guidance.

The world is your oyster, it is filled with beaches, forests, mountains, and even shopping malls. Basically, it can provide you with whatever your heart may desire. For some, being a beach-bum is an ideal situation. Being that there are hundreds of places you can get your beach on, it can sometimes be difficult for some to choose their next destination.  Here are the top 14 places you could find any true beach-goer soaking up rays.

Bondi Beach, Australia

Ask me to be there and I’ll be on the next flight, no questions asked!

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