2019s Most Trending Fashion Searches On Google
Laura Lee - January 21, 2020

We’ve recently said our heartfelt goodbyes to 2019, as we excitedly enter this whole new decade and await what’s to come.  Many of us like to look back at what was done in the past year, including the 365 days of Google searches that were made. 

The 2019 search trends on Google have been officially released, and if you were wondering if you managed to keep up with the latest trends last year, well now you have all the answers, or at least when it comes beauty, fashion and entertainment (what else really matters anyway in life though, right?). 

So the most popular searches in these categories include *drumroll please*

Coachella outfits (totally unsurprisingly) and Athleisure (which also should come of no surprise with old brands that made a strong comeback and quadrupled in price since back in the day) took first place this past year. 

Emo style was also up there high on the list for one of the most popular searches on Google in terms of fashion. 

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These trends are likely to be seen in 2020 too of course, but we’re also almost sure that new trends will also trickle in. But based on what we’ve seen – we’re only going back in time when it comes to fashion. 

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