2020 Accessory Trends
Claire Miles - May 1, 2020

Spring has arrived – and that really can only mean one thing right now. It’s officially time to load up your accessories and jewelry collection! Just because the weather is getting warmer and you’re wearing fewer layers, and clothing overall, that surely doesn’t mean you should be skipping on your accessories.  If you’re looking to be the most stylish version of yourself this spring, Etsy has some epic suggestions of what’s currently in, with of course no shortage of trends that are an absolute blast from the past. What this also means is that you may already have exactly what you need to step in spring into style, if you’ve kept those gems after all those years, of course.  And if you don’t? Well, ouch. 


The 2000s specifically seem to be making a comeback, with tracksuits and G-string pants taking over the fashion runways. And when it comes to nostalgic jewelry – it’s expected that belly button rings are going to make a serious comeback too, but with a more modern twist to them.  If you really want to follow the trends this season, the overall suggestion is to not be subtle. People are looking to be ‘extra’ but if you’re into a more minimal look, that’s okay too, and there are other trends that can also fit your style, such a birth flower jewelry – meaning necklaces with your birth month’s flower. These are simple, elegant and trendy. 

Crop tops and low-rise jeans are also super in right now, and a little belly decoration never hurt anyone. Don’t worry, tell your mom it’s still much better than getting a full out belly button piercing.  More modern versions of the classic belly ring are a lot more modest than they once were, with a whole lot less bling than there once was…not that we personally would have minded.

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