Spending time by yourself
Andrew Parker - December 2, 2022

Being alone can be comforting, peaceful, relieving, and an introvert’s idea of heaven; however, for reasons, we prefer to be with someone, often for the sake of appearances because being alone is often confused with being lonely or being upset. For some, being alone is a much-needed break after constantly being surrounded by people for the entire day. For others, being alone allows them to think and rearrange their thoughts and refine their opinions.

The idea that we can only have fun in loud settings in large crowds has become redundant and does not hold true for many. Cherished memories and life experiences can be had alone. Not going somewhere you have been looking forward to visiting, or doing something you want to do just because you cannot find someone to accompany you is not a strong enough reason to leave a sense of longing within yourself and your desires and wishes unfulfilled. You can do almost anything alone, however, just for starters, here is a list of things to do when you are alone.

Visit a museum – whether it be a history museum or an art museum, museums are places that emit a certain aura and demand a certain respect hence, loud noises and even large crowds are not appreciated. Museums are places for realization and reflection hence, best appreciated alone, without any distractions.

Spend time at swings – as long as you do not need someone to push you on a swing, there is nothing better than being alone when you are on a swing, going back and forth, your wind blowing in your hair along with your worries for a while. Nature is best enjoyed within yourself. Read a book – in fact, when you are deeply immersed in a good book with a solid plot, the presence of other people is a source of major annoyance. Allow yourself to be transported in the loves and lives of characters and you will never feel lonely.

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