3 High Stakes Business Shows and Films Worth Watching
Rachel Jones - July 6, 2023

While many adults end up settling in the corporate world in some capacity, the big giants like Wall Street and Silicon Valley often remain a faraway, unreachable realm for them. However, the last two decades have graced us with several glimpses into these highly competitive settings both on the big and small screen. Of these, some are more well made then others, both in terms of realism and sheer enjoyability, and so down below we have selected 3 such movies and shows.

First up, we have Margin Call (2013). Set in the high risks, high rewards world of the finance industry, this movie showcases a Wall Street firm making several amoral decisions that lead to and contribute to the financial crisis of 2007-2008. Starring an ensemble cast consisting of giants like Kevin Spacey, Paul Bettany and Jeremy Irons, Margin Call’s charm lies in how it transforms complex Wall Street jargon into compelling dialogue. Jeremy Irons’ performance, in particular, is commendable!

Getty Images/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Pascal Le Segretain

Secondly, there is Suits, a TV show that continued to make big waves throughout the period it was airing. Set primarily in New York City, it followed the iconic duo of Harvey Specter and Mike Ross as they took on one big shot lawyer (and sometimes even investment bankers!) after the other. Throughout its nine long seasons, Suits main selling points have always been its gripping legal dilemmas and the often unorthodox way in which the Specter-Ross duo tackled them, and these two are enough reasons to give it a shot!

Lastly, we have Billions, a TV show that made waves as it showcased the high pressure stakes involved in the hedge fund world that lead Bobby Axelrod operates in and, quite frankly, dominates. This is a show in which everyone is working for their own personal gain, which inevitably creates exciting drama and tension between characters that always want to one-up each other, and therein lies its charm. If questionable lead characters are your thing, Billions is the right one for you!

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