3 Must-Watch Medical Dramas
Rachel Jones - May 21, 2023

Medical dramas have been one of the more in-demand genres of TV shows in the last two decades. They usually involve a sizable cast of recurring characters who, over the course of the series, solve a wide array of medical problems while also navigating through their social and professional lives. The last two decades saw a surge in the production of medical dramas, which often makes it hard to differentiate the good from the bad, which is precisely why we’ve curated a list of the three essentials that you absolutely must watch!

First off, we have House, a drama centered around the titular character – a medical genius with a glaring substance abuse problem – and his team as they continue to solve puzzling medical cases in exciting but often illegal ways. The show is often carried by Hugh Laurie’s ground-breaking performance as Dr. Gregory House, which is always a treat to watch. By centering the narrative around a morally ambiguous character, it also has the effect of drawing viewers in to question or judge certain actions, which makes the wider show a more engaging viewing experience than most.

Getty Images/ Disney General Entertainment Content/ Jeff Weddell

The Good Doctor is another medical drama that is a treat to watch for (mostly) the same reasons as House. The lead, Shaun (Freddie Highmore), is a savant on the autism spectrum who is a surgical resident. The premise of the show revolves around his growth as a person as he continues to offer his services to the hospital – albeit with a rocky start owing to his communication issues – which often makes The Good Doctor seem a wholesome, feel-good watch.

Lastly, we have Grey’s Anatomy, the longest running show on this list with 18 seasons. In its earlier seasons the show follows Meredith Grey’s journey from intern to being a full fledged doctor as it features the highs and the lows of hospital politics. However, in its later seasons the show began to focus on a larger cast rather than specific individuals – a move which to this day has left fans divided on whether it was a good call or not.

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