3 Pokemon Games that Understood the Assignment
Alexandra Wade - July 10, 2023

Pokemon is a franchise that has only grown in popularity since its inception and worldwide release. Spanning 9 generations of mainline games and several spinoffs, it has an enormous fan base that is ever ready to purchase any new installment as soon as it comes out. However, it should come as no great surprise that with so many Pokemon games out there, some are simply better than others. Down below we list down 3 Pokemon games that understood the assignment and hit the nail right on the mark!

First up, we’ve got Pokemon Legends: Arceus. This is one of the more recent installments to the franchise released on the Nintendo Switch that (no pun intended) switched up the formula for Pokemon as we know it. For the first time ever, fans could enjoy an open-world Pokemon experience set in the past, with wonderful music, new and innovative gameplay and rather memorable characters. Many also enjoyed the fact that, technically speaking, one could beat the game without using Pokemons at all. Truly, in Legends: Arceus, your playstyle and experience is only limited by your imagination!

Next up, we turn towards Pokemon Black and White. When these games first came out for the DS, many were hesitant to try it out as no Pokemons from previous generations could be found and caught. However, attitudes soon changed once it became obvious that the fifth generation of Pokemon boasted extremely polished gameplay mechanics and soundtracks in conjunction with arguably the strongest storyline found in any Pokemon game to date!

Lastly, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky deserves a mention here for taking the Mystery Dungeon spinoff to entirely new heights! Featuring a largely wholesome story which progressively turns dark and dreary at some moments, this game answers the age old question: which Pokemon would I be? Armed with this answer, you’ll become a full-fledged part of the Pokemon world and interact with them as friends and enemies in one of the best games this franchise has dished out!

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