4 Tips To Shop Better
Laura Lee - April 11, 2022

There are three classes of shoppers: Those who love the process, those who hate it, and the in-betweeners like myself. Either way, shopping can be stressful and sometimes result in a disaster. We’ve all had shopping mishaps, whether it’s clothes that don’t fit or, in the case of internet shopping, not receiving our actual order. So here are some fashion shopping tips that leave you smiling out of stores and when you try your new outfit!

Getty Images/Moment/Oscar Wong

When buying, it’s a good idea to measure yourself and use size charts. Buying clothes that don’t quite fit is one of the most prevalent purchasing errors. Instead, try on clothes before you buy them if possible. This approach saves numerous buying blunders if you can’t try anything on because you’re shopping online or rushed for time. Another suggestion is to become familiar with the retail policies of the stores where you shop. Return policies differ from one store to the next. For example, while one store may accept returned sales or final clearance products, another may not. Are you as guilty as I am of not doing your homework before making a purchase to learn about the store’s policies? Even if you cannot return an item, there are ways to put it to good use, like refashioning it, selling, or giving it away to charity.

This particular tip helps you save money. When we go online shopping without a plan, we risk wasting money on items we don’t require. Make a shopping list for yourself and a clothing budget, and stick to it. Don’t go walking into the dinner dresses area if you’ve been mentally hunting for a pair of blazers for workdays. That is not why you have come. While it’s OK to look around to see if there are any excellent offers on other necessities, stay focused. Lastly, always look for the best deals when shopping. It’s tempting to just buy the product once you can afford it, but there are other methods you can apply to save money. For example, look for shops offering discounts or those with special coupons to shave off some extra dollars off the total amount.

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