’90s Baby Names Are The Latest Trend
Andrew Parker - March 10, 2018

Seen as ’90s fashion has taken over the catwalks with the scrunchies, snap clips, slips and crop tops, together with many of our favorite movies and shows from the legendary decade making their way back to our screens, baby names of the time gaining popularity was really only a matter of time.  According to BabyCentre, a parenting website, it is becoming increasingly popular for new parents to look back to the ’90s for inspiration when choosing a name for their baby.

At the moment, Maria is in first place for girls names, which could very possibly be related to the 1999 Blondie hit. The second most popular girls name is Courtney, which could very well be in honor of Courtney Love, a major icon of the ’90s. Or perhaps in honor of Courtney Cox, the Friends actress that we all loved who played throughout the entire decade. The name Naomi is also gaining popularity, which may be related to Naomi Campbell, one of the major supermodels of the time.

Maria has taken the top spot for girls (a possible nod to the 1999 Blondie hit), followed by Courtney – which could have been inspired by 90s icon Courtney Love, or Friends actress Courteney Cox, who was on TV screens daily for the best part of the decade (and some). Naomi is also increasing in popularity, perhaps in a nod to one of the original 90s supermodels, Naomi Campbell.

Other names that are becoming more commonly chosen for babies lately include Jennifer, maybe after Jennifer Aniston, another beloved Friends character, as well as Daniella, Jessica, Sophie, Molly, Helen and Kimberly.

When it comes to the boys names, the most popular comeback name is Bradley, and is then followed by Nathan, Lewis, Ryan, Daniel, Christopher, and believe it or not, Ross. The influence that Friends has had on our society seriously knows no boundaries.  According to BabyCentre, although these number may seem more than familiar, at the same time they provide a breath of fresh air from all of the Noah’s and Ivy’s that can be found in playgrounds.

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