90s Fashion Gradually Making A Comeback
Claire Miles - February 5, 2022

Graphic t-shirts, bucket hats, boot-legged jeans, etc., were the pillars of 90’s fashion. If you’re a 90’s baby like me, then these fashion items shouldn’t sound so strange to you. If there’s one thing about fashion, it’s that it continuously evolves with time. Since 2021, we have seen some oldies making a comeback in the fashion stage. Let’s give you a rundown of some of these fashion items:

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Edward Berthelot

The first trend is boot-legged jeans. The boot-legged jeans were every fashion killers’ wardrobe in the ’90s. Pair a pair of these jeans with a white shirt and pumps to give a sophisticated work feel, or pair them with a cropped top for lunch with your favorite girls. Either way, it’s a classic that’s back with a bang. Another comeback is vintage scarfs. Tying vintage scarfs as tops were a style hack back in the ’90s fashion, and it’s no surprise it’s gradually making its way back to the Gen Z generation. Not only is it easy to pull off, but it gives a sexy, flirty look when paired correctly. We are here for it.

Another ode to the 90s are bucket hats. Artists wore bucket hats in their music videos back in the ’90s for their rugged, stylish look. Bucket hats are a stylish accessory that adds an element of ‘cool’ to the overall look. Pair your favorite bucket hat with boot-legged pants and a graphic tee, and you’re sure to leave heads turning on your way out. Its come back to the fashion scene is no shocker here. Lastly, we have the Cow-neck style. Cow-neck tops and gowns were huge in the oldies. The mildly flirtatious neckline always gives the hint of more behind the scenes. With the return of slip silk dresses and tops, we are glad this neckline is back with its tease. Whether these items recede into the background with time or not, they’re sure ready to give an extra oomph to your overall look.

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