’90s Movies For A Good Night Sleep
Claire Miles - November 4, 2018

In today’s modern society, we’re always running all over the place, and working crazy long hours. It seems as though we are constantly exhausted.  We’re all a whole lot more tired that we would like to be no matter what, whether it be due to poor sleeping habits, or just an overload of things to do, the fact of the matter is – we are so tired.

One company claims to have found the key to fighting this problem by using nostalgia. The app is called Shine, and is made with a function called ”Sleep Stories”. The theory of the app is that by using one of these stories, we will sleep better.

These stories actually use all of our favorite ’90s and early 2000s classic movies, and turn them into a story to listen to while we’re about to fall asleep.  The app starts out with a guided meditation to relax you, and then once you’re settled it’s start to recite the tale of one of the nostalgic movies.

These movies are not only proven to help get a better nights sleep, but also help to feel less anxious overall.  Nostalgia has been found to ease feelings of loneliness and anxiety.

Anyone else excited for a good night’s sleep tonight?

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