A Guide To Intentional Gifting
Laura Lee - February 17, 2022

Have you ever had to get a gift for a friend or loved one and are unsure what to get? It’s tough when it’s someone in your close circle, and you want to render them speechless with your gift. Also, there’s the pressure to curate gifts that’ll get your romantic partners and friends screaming with pure delight at the sight of their present. So here, we share some tips on getting that loved one, not just any gift, but one that they’ll love.

Getty Images/EyeEm/Bharat Sanghavi

A top trick is to think of what they need. Throughout conversations, your loved ones may mention something that could make things easier for them. This item could be a fashion or cooking item. Making notes of these wants and getting them is a guaranteed way to make them blush their thanks. Next is gifting them a want. Again, although wants are not priorities on their gifts list, they make terrific gift ideas. A second tip is to get them something you think would make a meaningful addition to their lives. This tip requires intentional thinking and a great understanding of your friend in question, as they may not realize they want it, but getting it for them will be appreciated.

Above all, nothing beats asking them. Some may argue that this takes away the gifting surprise, but there are creative ways to ask this question indirectly. You may not even need to ask them, but evaluate their reactions to get their answer. Try bringing up conversations on specific things you think they like, and watch their responses to the mentioned items. If your partner is fashionable, taking them shopping and watching them react to various style items gives a pointer to their desired items.
Although curating highly personal gift boxes can be stressful, sometimes it can be a fun experience. Try applying these tips to reduce headaches and make it more enjoyable.

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