A Police Academy Sequel
Laura Lee - October 9, 2018

When Police Academy  was first released in 1984,  people were pretty much obsessed within no time.  It was an instant hit. The hilarious cop comedy became a franchise with more films following the original one.

The movie, starring Kim Cattral, Steve Guttenberg, Michael Winslow, and G.W Bailey came out during a highly competitive time in Hollywood, with other iconic movies such as Sixteen Candles and Ghostbusters also coming out around the same time.  Despite this, the movie made close to $150 million.

And although it’s already had an impressive six sequels, as it turns out, it seems as though fans are still willing to go for another round at the academy.  Rumors of a relaunch began in 2010, when the producer of the original movies, Paul Maslansky announced that it was a possibility.

Eight years however have gone by, and we’ve still seen no progression. But recently, Steve Guttenberg himself tweeted a photo of himself in front of a telephone booth asking fans to take a guess as to where he was.  One super hopeful fan asked if he was starring in the new Police Academy movie.

Although he replied that at the moment he’s not, he did in fact reveal to our great surprise that their will be a next Police Academy, we’re just not sure when.  As long as it happens, we’re overjoyed.

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