Add Some Color In Your Life With These New Finds
Andrew Parker - August 9, 2020

Right now, with everything going on with the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing, we all could use a little pick-me-up. Some spice in life, if we may. Luckily, there are a few ways to do so with color and fashion! Sure, you might not be going farther than the grocery store to stack up on bananas for banana bread (admit it, we’re all guilty of baking a little too much banana bread recently), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look good while doing it! Luckily, Puma just dropped new rainbow sneakers that are so colorful you can’t help but smile. The Puma Rise Tie-Dye Sneakers are super colorful and cool and just $100! They definitely deserve to be in your closet. You can wear these fun shoes with class high-waisted jeans, white pants, or denim shorts. Pair it with a cool sweatshirt or athleisure are a sure go-to. They’re perfect for hanging out at home, taking cute mirror selfies, making TikTok videos, or strolling to the food store. If you feel like adding some color to your wardrobe (and life) then you have to get yourself a pair of these shoes!

If there is one other thing we’re all shopping for right now, it’s face masks. And for good reason! The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) has advised all Americans to wear cloth face masks while out in public, so you really need a few comfortable and stylish options on hand. And honestly, face masks don’t have to make you look like you’re about to go into surgery or a dental hygientist. Designers all over are designing cute, stylish and fun face masks! And we’re not sure if you’ve caught on, but tie-dye is making a serious comeback right now. What better way to stay trendy and have some fun while keeping yourself and everyone else safe? Uh, we can’t think of any other! You can even mix and match your face mask to your outfit. So let’s say you go out and buy those Puma Rise Tie-Dye Sneakers, right? Why not buy a matching tie-dye face mask? There is no such thing as too much tie dye! Or just go for the classic sleek look with a black face mask. Just go for it!

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