Adele Releases Tracklist For Her Upcoming Album
Shir Dagan - November 6, 2021

Adele unveiled the tracklist for her upcoming fourth album “30” which includes 12 songs and 3 bonus tracks. Judging by the names of some of the tracks, it’s safe to assume that Adele will be making us cry, in the best possible way of course. We also know that the album will detail her divorce, so songs like “Love Is a Game” and “Cry Your Heart Out” indicate that these might be especially soul-crushing. She is definitely not making this easy on us. The song “I Drink Wine” has piqued much curiosity. During an interview for Vogue, she commented that one song is about “self-destruction” and “going out and drinking”. Could this possibly be “I Drink Wine”? “I start arguments if I drink liquor. I can handle my wine, I could drink five bottles of wine and have a normal conversation.”

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The highly anticipated album will drop on November 19th after a six year musical hiatus. Adele released the first single “Easy on Me” in October, a powerful piano ballad, the kind that we have learned to expect from Adele. The song broke records and became the most streamed song in a single day on Spotify with 24 million global streams. It also became the most streamed song in a single week with 84.3 million streams. Adele did not come to play with this album. She means business.

However, we must wait until November 19th to understand the full magnitude of this epic musical comeback. Until then, check out the tracklist below:

1. Strangers by Nature
2. Easy on Me
3. My Little Love
4. Cry Your Heart Out
5. Oh My God
6. Can I Get It
7. I Drink Wine
8. All Night Parking (With Erroll Garner) Interlude
9. Woman Like Me
10. Hold On
11. To Be Loved
12. Love Is a Game

Bonus Tracks:
13. Wild Wild West
14. Can’t Be Together
15. Easy on Me (With Chris Stapleton)

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