Adele’s Love For The Spice Girls
Laura Lee - November 26, 2018

If you thought that your reaction to finding out that the Spice Girls are going on tour was epic, then just wait until you check out Adele’s.  It’s the best thing you’ll see all day, maybe even all week.  Shortly after the reunion was announced, Adele posted a legendary throwback photo posing well a wall filled with Spice Girls posters.

She captioned the photo with ”HA! This is how I feel right now! I AM READY.”  Years before Adele made her own claim to fame, she was a huge Spice Girls fan whose bedroom walls were covered in picture of the British girl band that she pulled out of magazines, just like all of us other girls.

The Spice Girls are aware of her love and appreciation for them, so much so that they even reposted her photo on their Instagram account for all of their followers to see.  They both love each other, and prove to the world how powerful women can truly be.

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