Alicia Silverstone Revived Cher Horowitz
Laura Lee - June 18, 2018

The classic film Clueless is definitely one of the best movies all of all time, right?  The plot is based off of Jane Austen’s novel Emma, and gives all 90’s girls a modern take on something that’s been around for as we can remember.  It most falls into the category of a chick flick, making it a serious 90’s classic that has us in still love, regardless of how much time has passed.

It’s okay to admit it, we quote the movie regularly too.  We tend to say them all since they are just way too many good ones to choose from.  After several years, Silverstone has found a way to express her deep love for her character Cher.

Silverstone made a recent appearance on Lip Sync Battle, a show that has celebs compete against each other in lip sync dance routines.  She was teamed up with Mena Suvari, the former teen icon, however her Cher tribute is what truly stole the night away, giving us everything we could have possibly wanted, and more.

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