All You Need to Know About Whitening Strips
Claire Miles - October 9, 2022

In the world of beauty filters and editing, we have been taught false beauty standards. Makeup and beauty filters on Instagram and Snapchat have dominated the world. These beauty filters are known to enhance your features and make you fit the beauty standard of society. This article will talk about how beauty filters have added a layer of sensitivity. We feel less contempt for our body features and an example of this is teeth.

Getty Images/Moment/Carol Yepes

For the longest of times, teeth whitening was not a thing. However, recently people have realized that teeth whitening should be made common because that fits their standards. Companies recognized this marketing gap and began introducing products like teeth whitening strips and even machines that threw light that whiten the teeth. It is important to know that teeth staining is a common phenomenon. We all would have observed how a caffeine drink or soda makes our teeth stained. This staining does go away after a few days however, we are so habitual of that perfect look that when there is slight staining, we immediately run for such hacks.

It is important to note that this should not be confused with cleaning. Cleaning your teeth is another thing that is important and necessary on so many levels but ensuring that you have clean and fresh breath is somewhat basic human decency and required. These whitening strips are known to damage the top enamel of the teeth. After the enamel is removed, the white teeth underneath are exposed. This gives us the illusion that our teeth have been cleaned but instead, it is damaging our teeth in so many ways. Bleach is also known to damage the tooth matter and dissolve in the bits of the teeth. Thus, you should avoid it at all costs.

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