Amazon Restaurant Closing Soon Due To High Competition
Brooke Klaiman - June 16, 2019

Word on the street, Amazon is officially shutting down their restaurant delivery service on June 24th, 2019. This closing is due to the many other food service company’s that have taken over the country. With the high demand consumers have to click, order and eat, Amazon decided that they need to focus on their partner company Whole Foods instead of being the underdog in food delivery services.


Just alone, Uber, Doordash and Grubhub make up majority of the restaurant delivery business. In today’s society, consumers are technologically savvy preventing them from wanting to physically leave their residence to go grab a bite to eat. This dramatic change in restaurant service has not only caused Amazon to make these shifts in the company but has effected many restaurants as well.


The lack of wanting to go experience a fine dining restaurant has caused many restaurants to go out of business or change their ways. Our society see’s no wrong in their “lazy” ways but in the long run the results will show tremendously.


Amazon, being an empire in itself, has ensured that the majority of its employees were placed in other areas of the company or have found jobs to suite them. This alone proves the high credibility and reputation Amazon has is completely factual.


Amazon Restaurant had a great run in the restaurant delivery service business but it is time for them to say goodbye. Ensure to get your last order in at your favorite restaurant before closing day, or else you may have to physically go to the restaurant yourself.





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