An Official ‘Friends’ Cookbook Is Coming
Andrew Parker - July 31, 2020

We all can easily recite our favorite Friends moments at the drop of a hat. And a lot of those iconic moments revolve around food. We all remember Rachel’s English trifle and how could we forget Ross’s “Moist Maker” sandwich. It’s certainly true that our favorite Central Perk crew loves food. That’s why the ultimate Friends fan needs the Friends: The Official Cookbook. The book is officially coming out on September 22, 2020, and luckily, you can preorder yours right now! Until you get your hands on a copy of the book, there are a few recipes from it that will act as an appetizer so to speak. Some recipes include Joe’s Meatball Sub from “The One with the Ride-Along” and Just For Joey Fries Board from “The One with the Birth Mother” which is the one where we learned “Joey doesn’t share food!” And, of course, how could we miss Monica’s full Thanksgiving feast! Oh, we are ready for it!

Getty Images/NBCUniversal/NBC

“Just For Joey Fries Board” is the type of food you can expect from the cookbook. “Joey refuses to go on a second date with Phoebe’s friend Sarah. On their first date, she committed the unforgivable sin of ordering a side salad and then reaching over to Joey’s plate to eat some of his fries. It’s not about a few fries. It’s about what the fries represent- more food! Joey doesn’t share food! And who can blame the guy? Food is just too delicious! Here’s a recipe for fries that can be shared…possibly”

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