An Old Issue of ‘Cosmo’ Said to Spray Perfume on Your Feet and Other Strange Things
Andrew Parker - December 4, 2019

You can surely believe it when we tell you that 1988 was a different time! Apparently, back in the day, Cosmo advised its readers to spray perfume on their feet. Yup, apparently old Cosmo had some pretty funky tips on all things beauty, relationships, and life hacks (including covering your face in mashed potatoes for skincare).

So Cosmo writer Helen Gurley Brown stood by the idea that fragrance rises like heat. That means that if we spray perfume on the lowest parts of our body, the scent will rise all the way to our heads. That’s it, that’s the advice. So Cosmo decided to test out this theory in 2019 and guess what? It’ works! According to their Entertainment Director, Maxwell Losgar, it works.

Apparently, Mario Badescu’s face-mask recipe called for mashed potatoes, egg yolks, and vitamin E. We’re just glad that Cosmo has come a long way since the days of mashed potato facials and spraying feet.

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