Apparently, You Can Buy A Baby Mop-Onesie On Amazon And People Are Split About It
Marc Gordon - December 2, 2019

The internet is a wonderful place where you can basically find anything you’ve ever wanted. From inflatable zipper hoodies, bread-shaped pillow, and a pizza blanket, there is nothing you can’t get on the internet. Of course, in most cases, that’s a good thing! But in some cases, it might be a kind of outrageous thing. Are you curious as to what that outrageous thing might be? Well, apparently there’s a new thing out there in the vast world of the internet that has people scratching their heads.

Introducing the baby onesie that serves as a mop. Yup, just let that sink in. The Germany company “Babymop” advertises its product as the perfect way to utilize your child’s mobility to help out with daily chairs. Also, an added benefit, it also protects “the fine tissue and the tender bones of your offspring while it cleans your floor.”

The baby onesie is available to purchase on Amazon. It’s supposed to fit toddlers from 8 to 12 months which is when babies crawl the most. But Amazon offers for 3-to 6-month-olds and 6-to-9 months olds. So now you can make the most out of your baby rolling around on the floor at all times!

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Some people think that it’s a good idea as it teaches their little one the importance of cleaning up and doing chores. But, honestly, most people are mocking the company. Opponents of the Babymop point out the dirt and germs lurking on the floor. As one Amazon reviewer pointed out rather sarcastically, “I love this outfit! Whenever I spill dry chemicals, broken glass, or even rusty nails, my toddler collects it all on her little body. Pro-tip, get a large bottle of liquid bandage as a co-purchase, you will need it!”

What do you think about the Babymop?

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