Apps to Edit Your Photos With
Laura Lee - July 27, 2022

We all have seen how photos have changed how we look at the world. We all know how editing the pictures not only makes them feel better but also makes our Instagram feed aesthetic. Many people hire photo editors to retouch their photographs, however, you can save money by learning this yourself. Just ensure that you are invested enough during the learning process.

Lightroom is very basic yet covers most of the video editing features. You just need to download the app and it costs around $3-$4 depending on your location. Many people feel overwhelmed while installing it but it covers almost all of the basic pictures. Moreover, it is free for people to edit photos that are taken from a phone. So if you have been taking your pictures from your phone and just need to edit a few pictures by altering the brightness level, you got it all sorted. Moreover, this app is available on android and iOS. Another very important feature of Lightroom is that it helps to keep all your pictures in one place. They all are saved in iCloud so you can always keep them together.

Another software that you can use is Adobe photoshop. This is a difficult little software to use as it is used by professionals in photo editing. However, adobe photoshop is much more challenging but yields excellent results. You will have to learn the basics of adobe but once you have a grip on it you will be able to produce excellent pictures. Basic software also helps you with photo editing, which includes vsco and prequel. These apps also charge a small fee but you can always enjoy the limited editing hacks that the applications have to offer. Moreover, youtube can be a great way of learning how to play with picture editing.

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