Ariana Grande And Justin Biebers Collab
Claire Miles - May 28, 2020

The True Meaning Of Life

By Pat A. FlemingPublished: July 2017

The Years have passed by,
In the blink of an eye,
Moments of sadness,
And joy have flown by.

People I loved,
Have come and have gone,
But the world never stopped,
And we all carried on.

Life wasn't easy,
And the struggles were there,
Filled with times that it mattered,
Times I just didn't care.

I stood on my own,
And I still found my way,
Through some nights filled with tears,
And the dawn of new days.

And now with old age,
It's become very clear,
Things I once found important,
Were not why I was here.

And how many things,
That I managed to buy,
Were never what made me,
Feel better inside.

And the worries and fears,
That plagued me each day,
In the end of it all,
Would just fade away.

But how much I reached out,
To others when needed,
Would be the true measure,
Of how I succeeded.

And how much I shared,
Of my soul and my heart,
Would ultimately be,
What set me apart.

And what's really important,
Is my opinion of me,
And whether or not,
I'm the best I can be.

And how much more kindness,
And love I can show,
Before the Lord tells me,
It's my time to go.

Pop fans, get ready for some seriously exciting news! Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, two of the biggest and most beloved pop stars out there right now have recently released that they are working on a collaboration for a new track that’s bound to steal all of our hearts away.  And as if their music wasn’t already enough to have us all loving and appreciating these talented artists, just when you thought you couldn’t possibly feel any more of all these good feels, they are even releasing the song to benefit a worthwhile cause! It’s also super exciting to note that the song is intended to be released, really, really soon! 


These two stars haven’t teamed up for a song collaboration in the past five years, since 2015 when they made the What Do You Mean remix.  Both Grande and Bieber took it to social media to release the exciting news with a post on Instagram. The song is entitled Stuck With U and is intended to be released on Friday, May 8th. If you want to listen to it before, you can even already pre-save the song on both Apple Music and on Spotify, for those that really just can’t wait another moment to see what’s in store. 


Justin Bieber and Arianna Grande back in 2014



But back to that worthy cause! The profits made from the steaming and sales of the epic collaboration song will be donated to The First Responders Children’s Foundation in order to provide scholarships for the children of our heroes right now, including the children of health care workers, paramedics, firefighters, and police officers.  What a beautiful effort! Fans have shared an overwhelming amount of love on Instagram to hear the news through their comments, and are seriously inspired that even the biggest stars want to make a difference during this difficult time.