Backstreet Boys Are Trying Out The Food Industry
Laura Lee - February 6, 2018

Looking Back

by Edgar A. Guest

I might have been rich if I'd wanted the gold
instead of the friendships I've made.
I might have had fame if I'd sought for renown
in the hours when I purposely played.
Now I'm standing to-day on the far edge of life,
and I'm just looking backward to see
What I've done with the years and the days that were mine,
and all that has happened to me.

I haven't built much of a fortune to leave
to those who shall carry my name,
And nothing I've done shall entitle me now
to a place on the tablets of fame.
But I've loved the great sky and its spaces of blue;
I've lived with the birds and the trees;
I've turned from the splendor of silver and gold
to share in such pleasures as these.

I've given my time to the children who came;
together we've romped and we've played,
And I wouldn't exchange the glad hours spent
with them for the money that I might have made.
I chose to be known and be loved by the few,
and was deaf to the plaudits of men;
And I'd make the same choice should the chance
come to me to live my life over again.

I've lived with my friends and I've shared in their joys,
known sorrow with all of its tears;
I have harvested much from my acres of life,
though some say I've squandered my years.
For much that is fine has been mine to enjoy,
and I think I have lived to my best,
And I have no regret, as I'm nearing the end,
for the gold that I might have possessed.

Ever since the ’90s, the Backstreet Boys have been pretty consistent in our lives, making every road trip since we were born a memorable one.  Most other boy bands have lost their popularity throughout the years, but they are still going strong.
Now, they will not only be satisfying our hearts, but also our stomachs.  They are currently working on two different projects as they continue to perform in Las Vegas.  One of the projects is that they are launching their own restaurant.
BSB entertainment Inc has most of the Backstreet Boys members listed as directors, all except for one.  They have just signed the documents claiming their trademark to Backstreet Barbecue.  Howie, Brian, Nick and A.J the directors of the new restaurant are entering a whole new industry that has been tried to several other celebrities too.  Justin Timberlake has a restaurant called Southern Hospitality BBQ, making for some direct competition for Backstreet Barbecue.

They’ve also got some plans to add their own special touch to the restaurant, launching their very own brand of tequila.  All they are missing is a partner in Mexico and they are ready to go.  Other celebrity tequila makers include George Clooney, Sean Diddy Combs and Justin Timberlake, who once again beat them to it.

The combination of BBQ, Backstreet Boys and tequila sounds like a pretty darn good time if you ask us.