Backstreet Boys Dressed Up As The Spice Girls
Marc Gordon - May 9, 2018

The one and only ’90s boy band that continued to perform is The Backstreet boys. The group including A.J., Brian, Howie, Nick and Kevin have stuck together through the good times, and the bad times (minus a little break from Kevin).

Every time a new tour, we all melt and start singing and screaming alone in our rooms like we’re 12 all over again. It’s the greatest feeling ever.  They’ve been indulging us in the best pop music for the past 25 years, and in recent years have even been taking their fans on cruises.  Yep, you got that right – the most serious and dedicated of fans can hang out with them at sea.

This year’s cruise came with some seriously exciting surprises. But most importantly and memorable was when they dressed up the Spice Girls. Nop, we’re not kidding. It really happened.  The boy band put on platform heels, wigs and their most fabulous girl power poses to ensure that they honored the girls in the best way possible. It gets even better. They sang Wannabe.

Nick Carter dressed up as Baby Spice, Brian Littrell as Sporty Spice, A.J McLean as Scary Spice, Kevin Richardson as Posh Spice, and Howie Dorough as Ginger Spice. Amazing. Rumor has it that the two groups together would make the most incredible tour ever, however at the moment there is nothing in the making.

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