Barbie’s Lipstick & Nail Polish Collection
Laura Lee - November 17, 2018

Please brace yourself, because you are about to have a nostalgia overload attack (in the best way possible).  NCLA Beauty,  a Los Angeles based brand has recently collaborated with Mattel in launching a Barbie themed collection!

The products will take you all the way back to your beloved childhood days. The limited edition new beauty line includes everything your heart could possibly desire, from lipsticks in a variety of Barbie pink shades, to nail wraps and nail polishes, all packaged in the most retro and playful Barbie boxes.

The collection is completely cruelty free and vegan, and every item is under $20. So blast the ”Barbie girl” ’90s pop song as you smother yourself in adorable Barbie beauty products, completely guilt free.

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