Beauty Influencers Are Doing Their Makeup Like Bratz Dolls
Claire Miles - February 6, 2019

Instagram beauty influencers are stepping up their makeup game with the new #BratzChallenge giving us a whole new take on the meaning of getting “dolled” up. While some of us are just trying not to poke our eyes out with mascara, these queens are making themselves into real life dolls. It’s an incredible show of craftsmanship that will blow us mere mortals away. Whoever says makeup isn’t an art form has just been proved wrong.

From the hair to the outfit, the level of commitment and precision to matching the Bratz dolls has got us shook. Literally, we’re still trying to figure out which is a human and which is a doll. Honestly, though, these beauties are so extra.

Social media has spread some pretty over the top beauty trends. From unicorn hair, faux freckles, and halo brows, we’ve seen it all. With this latest challenge, though, some people are criticizing the participants for perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards, as well as recreating a very real condition called vitiligo. What do you think: artistic genius or in poor taste?

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