Beverly Hills 90210 Revival
Claire Miles - December 28, 2018

Any one else recall the days when they would plan their entire lives around when Beverly Hills: 90210 would be airing?  Back in the day, we weren’t able to record it like we can today, and VHS tapes were pretty expensive for our child bank accounts. So either we watched it on time, or completely missed out.


Watching the gang hang out and get themselves into all kinds of exciting problems was without a doubt the highlight of all of our lives. We were all heartbroken when the show came to an end, and then finally were able to breathe again when a spin-off came out.


The new show attempted to take on the same young spirit, but the original audience grew up, and unfortunately, it didn’t gain the same amount of popularity.  Despite the failed effort, another try is being given!


CBS is looking to have the original show brought back, even featuring some of the actors from the classic ’90’s show, and we can’t even believe it.  This project has been rumored for a while now, but it looks like finally, it’s actually happening!

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