Beyoncé and Jay-Z Challenge Fans To Eat A Plant-Based Diet
Claire Miles - February 21, 2019

Public service announcement: we’re all going vegan starting immediately. Why you ask? Because Beyoncé told us to. Queen Bey has been at the forefront of the vegan revolution ever since she switched to a vegan diet in 2018 to prepare for her historic Coachella performance. And now she’s giving her fans another reason to eat a plant-based diet, too. A special gift is in store for those that take on the challenge.

Beyoncé posted to her Instagram account to publicize her
“Greenprint” which is the steps she takes every day to reduce her carbon emissions. She eats a plant-based breakfast and partakes in “meatless Mondays.” The Greenprint website also recommends other ways for everyone to make their own “Greenprint.” These include eating one plant-based meal a day, while at work, or only throughout the week. Beyoncé and Jay-Z are encouraging their fans to eat more plant-based meals because it has a “profound impact on our health and environment.”

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The power couple has strived to make a difference in their health and the planet’s health back in 2013 when they turned to a plant-based lifestyle. They began their journey with a 22-day vegan challenged, which Jay-Z even blogged about.

So, what’s the big special gift Beyoncé and Jay-Z are offering those who take on the challenge? A chance to win free tickets to any of their concerts for life. Yeah, you read that right. We’ll give you a minute to let that sink in.

The beyhive took to Twitter to buzz about the whole thing, and they had some pretty hilarious reactions.

Will you be taking the Bey-Z challenge?

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