Blockbuster Beer
Claire Miles - September 9, 2018

Everyone that grew up in the ’80s and ’90s knows that Blockbuster was the absolute coolest place ever.  Whenever our parents agreed to take us, we would run up and down the aisles searching for the best movies.


We would first head for the new releases, and then if nothing excited us, we would head over to the older classics and look for something that looked like it would provide a good laugh.  A visit to Blockbuster was always the highlight of our week, and the fact that there’s only one location left is completely heart shattering…


The very last location is located in Bend, Oregon, but thankfully – the store has no plans on closing down although the others came to end this year.  Movie rentals of course aren’t are profitable as they once were, but it seems as though Blockbuster has found a great solution to ensuring that they will make enough money to survive.


They’ve decided to created a Blockbuster-themed beer. Yep, you that read that right. This unique beer not only features a label that looks just like an old VHS case, but the flavor is totally nostalgic and will take you back to all those movie nights back in the day.
The name of the beer couldn’t be more appropriate, called ‘The Last Blockbuster’ and features a dark ale with hints of red licorice and hints of cocoa.




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