Britney & Jamie Spears Nostalgic Family Photo
Claire Miles - June 23, 2018

So today might not exactly be Throwback Thursday (but in a few days it will, so it doesn’t really matter), but you’re not going to want to miss this super nostalgia filled picture either way. Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears family photo will have you screaming nostalgic and will make you realize that they are just like you and your family (other than the fact that they are super famous).

Jame Lynn Spears whose now got a successful music career (as well as motherly duties, believe it or not) posted the family photo together with her daughters, niece, nephews and siblings. It was simple captioned with family in caps, followed by two heart.

The resemblance within the family seriously could not be any stronger, with Maddie (now 10 years old) always looking just like her mother Jamie, and Britney’s sons also looking exactly like here. Even their niece Sophia looks like the Spears sisters.  The Kardashian family might need to step up their game a little bit after this picture.

It’s very obvious that both Jamie and Britney absolutely adore their children, and have shown all of their fans that.  Regardless of all of their fame, they are amazing moms and classic Southern women.

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