Britney Spears Brings Bangs Back
Laura Lee - May 24, 2020

When it comes to bangs, it’s really not black or white. Some people are all about them, while others can’t quite grasp their heads around the concept. For pop star Britney Spears, however, she reclaimed them in full force, surprising her fans on social media with a surprising post on Instagram, revealing that they actually make her feel protected.  Who knew that bangs could mean so much to someone, beyond style? According to Spears, her new bangs are a way to protect her from the negativity that may come her way – and that these bangs even help her boost her confidence when she needs it. 

Spears has shared in her emotional and detailed Instagram post that these bangs bring her back to third grade – when she had bangs. Only after third grade did she remove her bangs and let her forehead shine, despite feeling a lack of confidence about her appearance, believing that ‘only pretty people’ could work this look, and that she was never good enough to do so.  And even after removing her bangs, Britney has revealed that she still never felt as though she looked good enough to go around without bangs.  Now, years later, she’s brought them back and is enjoying the fun and nostalgic hairstyle, despite controversy. 

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Britney Spears is known to admit to lacking confidence, and this is unfortunately not the first time she’s felt this way. Back in 2019, she also opened up about her issues with her self-esteem on Instagram discussing body language while doing some aerial yoga.  Just how she expresses that bangs affect her mood and confidence – so too does yoga, helping her become a stronger person, both inside and out. Either way, we sure that these ‘protective’ bangs make Spears feel as beautiful as she truly is, and as confident as she deserves to be.

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