Britney Spears Redefines Organization Goals
Marc Gordon - June 25, 2019

There are few things more satisfying than an organized closet. When things are neat and accessible, getting ready in the morning in so much more of a pleasant and simple experience. The ‘90s pop star, Britney Spears has recently showed off her impressively organized closet to her twenty two million followers on Instagram, with a video that could inspire even the laziest of people to get to work on their closet.


Spring may have passed, but it’s never too late to start cleaning, and Britney is here to motivate you. The clip Spears posted offers a guided tour to all of her loving fans of her perfectly color coordinated closet. While she clearly didn’t do it herself, her housekeepers still did a great job in the stars name.


Another thing we can take from this look into her closet, is that she’s got no shortage of clothing, but that probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Maybe this new organization will inspire her to take out some of her most iconic outfits from music videos of ‘90s for a real dream come true.


All we really have to say is #organizationgoals.


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