Bungee Jumping Places
Andrew Parker - February 11, 2023

Like all extreme sports, bungee jumping is one of the activities that you can’t do just anywhere. Sure you can do it in many places but if you want value for money then you would want to add a view to the thrill of the jump. Bungee jumping is a lot like skydiving in that it will give you an amazing rush of adrenaline and allow you to see the scariest yet thrilling experience of your life. However, much like when the chute opens up when you are skydiving, once you reach the length of your cord, there is not much that is happening, It is more a time for you to look at the view and recover from the sudden rush of adrenaline and feel alive. For this moment, you want to jump at the most amazing places to get the most value for your money.

The best of these places would be in Nevis Highwire, New Zealand. The one hundred- and thirty-four-meter jump is sometimes the sole reason for tourists visiting the place. There is a magnificent view of the river down below as you jump from between the peaks of two mountains and see death flash you in the eyes till the cord relaxes and you begin to take in the view.

Another great place to go for the jump would be the Navajo Bridge, Arizona. With the rugged desert-like view on both sides and a stream of calm water flowing at the bottom, this one-hundred-and-forty-meter jump would be everything you could ever hope for. Of course, if you are into extreme sports and bungee jumping is one of the things on your bucket list then you should do it wherever you think it would be possible. The main part of the experience is most definitely the thrill of the jump, but you can’t deny that doing it in these magnificent places adds all the flavor to the experience.

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