Burning CD’s?
Claire Miles - December 12, 2018

Us ’90 kids, even ’80s kids aren’t really that old. Right? We are still living our best lives as millennials, and many of us feel like we still have a long way to go until we truly grow up.

Times have changed since our parents were in their 30s, we’ve become a lot more relaxed and it’s become more socially acceptable to take our time in figuring out our lives and settling down. There’s no longer the same rushed feeling.  But someone younger than us will always be pushing us to move forward…

Perhaps due to the trends they become attached to, or due to the new vocabulary they use that all of a sudden seems like a foreign language.  Our world today has got no shortage of ways that people can connect, and we’ve all embraced these new technologies. However, sometimes technology is not always our friend…

Teens these days never had to wait for their dial-up internet to load as it made terrifying noises.  Few people even know that such a thing existed other than high speed internet, and few people would know what it meant to wait for music to download.  Remember those good old days?  Remember creating playlists and then burning them onto a CD so that you could listen to them on your beloved walkman?

Well, unfortunately today, youth has no idea what it means to burn a CD.  Our new generation have no idea how it’s done.  Although making CDs is obviously not needed anymore due to iPods and all kinds of smart phone, it’s still completely shocking that it’s become such a foreign concept.

People that hear burning a CD today are more likely to think that it means lighting it on fire in all honesty. Do you feel completely ancient for knowing how to burn a CD?

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