Butt Masking Is The Next Big Beauty Trend
Andrew Parker - February 18, 2019

For those self-care enthusiasts out there, you’ll want to hear all about the latest trend out there for your derriere. The beauty brand Anese is behind the ‘booty care’ movement. They offer “That Booty Tho” scrub and “Down With the Thickness” mask. The packaging is super cute, too, in a millennial-pleasing pink design.

Many people have something called ‘buttne’ which is butt acne. Some dermatologists claim that it actually isn’t acne, but rather dead skin cells and bacteria in the hair follicles. Many butt mask users are claiming that their buttne is clearing up!

Anese claims the scrub will “condition your booty, target stretch marks and cellulite, combat acne, and help with scars or discoloration,” and that the “antioxidants and essential fatty acids target fine lines and dryness leaving your bum feeling softer.” The mask will “detox and plump your booty, while leaving it super soft,” and the collagen will “make your butt feel and look supple.”

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