Buzz Pop Cocktails
Claire Miles - June 22, 2018

15 Things To Add To Your Bucket List

1. Travel the world.

2. Eat your favorite meal with your favorite people in your favorite place.

3. Learn a new language.

4. Donate to charity.

5. Help a stranger.

6. Pursue your passion.

7. Watch the sunrise.

8. Dance in the rain.

9. Wish upon a shooting star.

10. Plant a tree.

11. Go on a road trip.

12. Volunteer at a local organization.

13. Tell someone how much they mean to you.

14. Cook a homemade meal.

15. Conquer your biggest fear.

Find me someone that doesn’t love nostalgia, summer and popsicles, and i’ll pay you a million dollars. I’m willing to bet this because I’m so confident that such a person doesn’t exist.  Then, find me someone that doesn’t love all these things, but together with rum, vodka and tequila. Pretty hard to find, right?

Well, if you are just like the rest of us, then you’ll be jumping for joy over the new Buzz Pop Cocktails, the adult version of our childhood favourite candy, push pops.  They are just like the one’s from the good old days, but this time, they are full of booze.

Not only are they booze fulled, but they are also full of tasty and quality ingredients such as fresh fruits and premium liquors (according to their website at least).  They contain no high fructose corn syrup, and no artificial colors or flavors.  If this wasn’t enough, they’ve also got an entire 75 flavours to choose from that rotate throughout the seasons, such as Southern Blue, Pink Paradise and Blueberry Mania.  That’s overwhelming incredible.

They thankfully ship across the U.S, so you’re in luck.