Caboodles Are Back To Organize Our Lives
Laura Lee - March 2, 2018

Happiest Days

By Edward H. Donnelly

I said to the little children,
"You are living your happiest days,"
And their bright eyes opened wider In innocent amaze.
For their happiness was so perfect,
They did not know it then;
"Oh, no," they said, "there'll be happier days
When we are women and men."

I said to the youth and maiden,
"You are living your happiest days,"
And into their sparkling eyes there crept
A dreamy, far-off gaze;
And their hands sought one another,
And their cheeks flushed rosy red;
" Oh, no," they said, " there'll be happier days
For us when we are wed."

I said to the man and woman,
"You are living your happiest days,"
As they laughingly watched together
Their baby's cunning ways.
"These days are days of labor.
They can hardly be our best;
There'll be happier days when the children are grown,
And we have earned our rest."

I said to the aged couple,
"You are living your happiest days,"
Your children do you honor,
You have won success and praise.
" With a peaceful look they answered,
"God is good to us, that's true: But we think there are happier days for us
In the life we're going to."

Our beloved caboodles. Where else would we possibly have kept our chokers, butterfly pins and bright pink scrunchies?  It’s hard to find something that says ’90s more than these plastic makeup cases that have built-in mirrors and extendable compartments.  The only thing that could possibly make this case more nostalgic would be selling it in Limited Too.  Remember that store?

Caboodles in honor of their 30th anniversary has released a special line of it’s cosmetic cases and they are now on the shelves of Urban Outfitters in their finest pastel, tri-toned form.  The new cases come in three different colors, all of which are as retro as ever and provide tons of space for keeping all of your accessories and makeup.

And believe it or not, co-host of the game show Wheel Of Fortune, Vanna White was the one to inspire the invention of these adored cases.  She was seen in 1986 using a fishing box to store her makeup, which sparked the idea to create the caboodle.  The company Plano decided to tackle this idea and invented the much, much, much prettier but just as functional, Caboodles.