Candy Hearts: Where Are They Now?
Laura Lee - May 27, 2018

15 Reasons To Be Happy Right Now

1. Today is a fresh start for a new opportunity.

2. There is no one else alive quite like you.

3. You are loved.

4. The sun is shining in some part of the world (maybe by you right now)!

5. There's something you can do better than anyone.
>6. You might not know it, but you are somebody's role model.

7. You can make someone smile today.

8. You have goals and dreams you will one day achieve.

9. Some of them might have come true already.

10. And you can set new goals and dream new dreams each day.

11. There are puppies all over the world who would be so happy to meet you.

12. You can change the world.

13. Nutella exists (and tastes good on pretty much anything).

14. There are millions of flowers waiting to be picked by you.

15. You are someone's first choice.

The legendary one hundred and seventy year old candy maker best known for its inscribed miniature hearts that are everywhere to be seen on Valentine’s Day received a sweet message from a competitor saying Be Mine.  Spangler Candy Co., an Ohio based company won with an $18.83 million bid to buy over Necco at a federal bankruptcy auction in Boston.

According to Necco’s representatives, other companies were most interested in their sugar line, with wafers, candy dots, wafers, and of course the popular candy hearts with cute messages.  Necco, known as the oldest candy company in America simply could not keep up with multinational competitors and filed for bankruptcy.

Thankfully, they were able to find a buyer that will (hopefully) keep our favorite heart candies on the market forever and always.