Cardi B Updates Her Peacock Tattoo
Marc Gordon - June 19, 2020

Our beloved and talented Cardi B’s already epic peacock tattoo just got that much more epic with a recent addition she made to the design this past May. She’s just as much as of an ink enthusiast as she is a rapper, and her peacock tattoo really couldn’t be more detailed if she tried.  Cardi B took it to Instagram to share both a before and an after photo of her unique and large tattoo, showing how it covers her entire thigh, and even goes all the way up to her waistline. Needless to say, it’s not a small, humble tattoo, and she was clearly trying to make a statement (and succeeded to do so too). 

And now with the new addition by tattoo artist Jamie Schene, her ink is more vibrant and bold than ever before.  As you can see once you check out her exciting Instagram post for yourself, her peacock tattoo now has bright blue feathers, a fuchsia pink butterfly, and a stunning open lotus flower. She’s also had some smaller flowers added too, making the tattoo incredibly detailed.  On top of sharing before and after photos of the tattoo, Cardi also shared that she’s had this tattoo for the past decade and that she’s endured no shortage of pain for it too. 


Jamie Schene is also to thank for Cardi B’s other tattoo filled with florals that extends itself from her neck, all the way down to her thigh. The artist is clearly proud to have been given this honor and also posted Cardi’s ink addition to his Instagram account, revealing that it took an entire seven days to complete the piece. Cardi is obviously dedicated to the cause and is not afraid to pay the price of having the coolest tattoo possible. We look forward to seeing what other additions she has up her sleeve in the near future!

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