Cartoon Network Is Opening Their Own Hotel
Claire Miles - October 27, 2018

When we were children, we all dreamed of living together with our favorite cartoon characters. Right or right? They were colorful, crazy, wacky, and were just so much fun to watch.  We couldn’t of course just jump into the TV and expect to be among them, unfortunately. But soon, the next best thing will become a reality….
The epic Cartoon Network has decided to give kids (and all of us kids at heart) what they’ve always wanted. They’ve recently announced that they are making a hotel based on all of our favorite shows!  The hotel will be located in Lancaster, Pennsylvia, right by the Dutch Wonderland Amusement Park, making for the ultimate family vacation spot.
It will be called ”the premier family lodging experience” and will hosts 165 rooms of pure immersion into the antics and animations of Cartoon Network characters.  It’s been the home of many of our most beloved shows throughout the years, including The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, Cow and Chicken, and Johnny Bravo.

The hotel will feature interchangeable show themes that can even be customized based on your preferences.  What this means is that you can stay here over and over again without ever having the same experience.
They’ve also got a giant swimming pool, an indoor arcade, an outdoor amphitheater, and even a wine bar for those adults.  This hotel has surely got family friendly in mind.
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