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Pumpkin Spice Flavored Spam
The greatest things in life, sadly, often exist for just a few fleeting moments before they’re gone. The same can be said of Pumpkin Spice Spam. The limited-edition fall-favorite seasoning really took the market by storm as it was completely sold out in just seven hours.   In a statement obtained by the Star Tribune, […]
Laura Lee - Nov 28, 2019
The German Shepherd With Dwarfism
Ranger is a German Shepherd who looks like a puppy, but is, in fact, two years old! The cutie’s owner is Phoenix-based Shelby Mayo who says Ranger has a genetic condition called pituitary dwarfism. This condition caused his permanently small stature.   Mayo spoke with South Wales News Service (SWNS) that she saw Ranger was […]
Laura Lee - Nov 24, 2019
Camila Mendes Is Now A Dog Mom
Every Riverdale fan will be excited to hear that Camila Mendes got a new dog. The actress shared a video of her little Maltipoo named Truffle on Instagram on November 19. Mendes got Truffle from the Labelle Foundation, a Los Angeles-based animal rescue center devote to the rescue and rehabilitation of dogs. She wrote in her […]
Claire Miles - Nov 20, 2019
Foster Kitty Smiles & Hearts Melt
Blossom the kitty has gone through a lot in her young life. But the little fluff ball hasn’t lost her spirit! Recently, Blossom’s foster mother, Lauren Boutz, an adorable smile that could melt hearts. Boutz had to upload the photo online (obviously) and it turned out that Blossom’s smile was contagious! Over 72k people liked […]
Marc Gordon - Nov 16, 2019