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Beauty Around The World
Throughout every city, town, village, and communities around the world, different examples of beauty define the standards of its people. For some, this can be an incredible amount of intellect or leadership. For others, beauty is seen through art or entertainment. What remains clear throughout every culture of both past and present is that there […]
carly miller - Jun 15, 2019
Comics That Are Relatable To Us All
Whether you prefer to think of it as life imitating art, or art imitating life, you’re right. Renowned artists from around the world share their insights and perspectives on the good, the bad, and the ugly of today’s modern society. See if you can find every and any hidden messages woven into these cultural works of art.
Marc Gordon - Jun 09, 2019
Timeless Crush-Worthy Beauties
Each generation has their own teen idols and crush-worthy stars that somehow seem to spring up overnight and vanish almost as fast as they arrived. Here are some of our favorite stars from over the years that have proved true beauty never goes out of style. Did your favorite crush make our list?
carly miller - Jun 08, 2019
The Best Celeb Glow-Ups
Even celebrities are not immune to the effects of time. Celebrities depend heavily on their appearance and, to the outside world, it looks as though they drank from the fountain of youth. From awkward to red carpet superstars, Hollywood has seen some astonishing transformations. Check out to see how your favorite celebrities looked in their younger days and how they grew into their glamorous selves.
Laura Lee - Jun 07, 2019