Slideshow: Celebrities And Their Seriously Strange Pets
Laura Lee - April 13, 2019

In the Morning of Life

by Thomas Moore

In the morning of life, when its cares are unknown,
And its pleasures in all their new lustre begin,
When we live in a bright-beaming world of our own,
And the light that surrounds us is all from within;
Oh 'tis not, believe me, in that happy time
We can love, as in hours of less transport we may; —
Of our smiles, of our hopes, 'tis the gay sunny prime,
But affection is truest when these fade away.

When we see the first glory of youth pass us by,
Like a leaf on the stream that will never return,
When our cup, which had sparkled with pleasure so high,
First tastes of the other, the dark-flowing urn;
Then, then in the time when affection holds sway
With a depth and a tenderness joy never knew;
Love, nursed among pleasures, is faithless as they,
But the love born of Sorrow, like Sorrow, is true.

In climes full of sunshine, though splendid the flowers,
Their sighs have no freshness, their odour no worth;
\‘Tis the cloud and the mist of our own Isle of showers
That call the rich spirit of fragrancy forth.
So it is not \‘mid splendour, prosperity, mirth,
That the depth of Love's generous spirit appears;
To the sunshine of smiles it may first owe its birth,
But the soul of its sweetness is drawn out by tears.

Have you ever dreamed of owning a unicorn? A tiger? A zebra? Have you ever stared in complete awe at the zoo animals and wished you could take some of them home? Well, most celebrities aren’t used to just sitting around and wishing for something. Take a look at some of your favorite celebrities and their adorable yet strange pets!


George Clooney’s Pig


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Hollywood hunk George Clooney had a pet pig named Max for an entire 18 years. They would often cuddle up together in bed and sleep together. Clooney had initially bought the pig for his girlfriend at the time, Kelly Preston, but the pig quickly became his own. According to Clooney, pigs are really smart and funny, however, they are also a lot of work.



Paris Hilton’s Kinkajou


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Tinkerbell is not Paris Hilton’s only pet. In fact, the socialite once owned a kinkajou, in which she named Baby Luv. The two were very close until Baby Luv bit Paris on the arm while they were playing around. Paris was rushed to the emergency room and to get a tetanus shot.


Michael Jackson’s Chimp


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The legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson owned a pet chimpanzee. He named him Bubbles and took him with him around his ”Bad” tour in the ’80s. Bubbles would sleep in a crib in Jackson’s bedroom, and even had the honor of drinking tea with the Mayor of Osaka, Japan. Since Jackson passed away, he’s been living at an animal sanctuary in Wauchula, Florida.



Vanilla Ice’s Wallaroo


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Vanilla Ice, has got not one, but two strange pets. Bucky Buckaroo the wallaroo, as well as Pancho the goat are two of the rapper’s pets. In 2004, Pancho broke a gate open which led to a week of running around the streets of Florida while Ice was on holiday.


Elvis Presley’s Kangaroo


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Although Elvis knew nothing about Kangaroos, he accepted the gift he was given by Lee Gordon in 1957 of a Kangaroo. After many failed attempts however of trying to train it, he gave up and gave it to the Memphis Zoo. Elvis also has a few pet monkeys, one of which was a fan of wearing designer clothes and drinking whiskey.