“Friends” Share Behind-The-Scenes Secrets
Andrew Parker - February 12, 2019

Ever since Friends first aired in 1994 and we all complained that no one ever told us life was going to be this way (clap clap clap clap clap), the tv series became a staple in our pop-culture lives. Friends was on for 10 years and aired 238 episodes. Let’s remember the good times with these behind-the-scenes factoids about Friends.


Even before they started filming the pilot episode, the director took all six of members of the gang on a trip to Las Vegas. He meant to get them all to bond and become friends, which clearly worked like a charm! Christina Pickles, who played Judy Geller (aka, Ross and Monica’s mom), said, “It was probably very helpful in cementing a sweetness about them.” Can they BE any cuter?


Matt LeBlanc’s character Joey is so loved by everyone that it’s pretty crazy to learn that he was “incredibly anxious” in the beginning. Christina Pickles revealed that Matt would “look for approval from the director, the producers or the writers if they were around.” But, obviously, the show would be totally different if we didn’t have Matt playing our Joey! Christina said that by the end he “was so perfect as Joey.” We couldn’t agree more!


The friends all loved to pick on Ross’ boring stories. Remember the times when the whole gang would pretend to fall asleep when he was being classic nerdy-Paleontologist-Ross? Well, turns out that this was actually written into the scripts because the actors did this in real life! Actress Paget Brewster played the character of Kathy who was Joey then Chandler’s girlfriend, explained, “If someone made a joke and it didn’t work, they’d all turn on the person and be like: ‘You blew it, Lisa!’ And they started adding this thing into the script that they did to each other in real life: one of them would be talking, and they’d all pretend to fall asleep.”




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