Charge Your Phone With A Tamagotchi
Claire Miles - June 6, 2018

Back in the day, Tamagotchi had it’s owner’s answering to it’s every need, all day, every day, with no breaks.  And now? 20 years later, our beloved digital pets have now decided to pay us all back for all the love and care we gave them in our childhood.

How, you may ask? In the form of a fully charged phone. This completely nostalgic device is a portable charger that does not require any work. Yes, you right that right – no feeding, no washing and no cleaning up after.

All you’ve got to do is connect it to your smartphone and it will charge your battery.  It keep your modern devices running all day long without expecting anything in return (other than being recharged here and there).

It’s the same size as the original, and fits in your pocket.

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