Chef’s Share Their Favorite Starbucks Orders
Claire Miles - January 16, 2022

Starbucks is always changing its menu, it can be hard to keep up sometimes. Luckily, there are numerous chefs who shared their favorite menu items to order at Starbucks, and hopefully, you can get some inspiration the next time you’re at the drive-thru. With new breakfast items, seasonal drinks, and baked goods, you’ll want to try everything. So if you find yourself wondering what the next best menu item is, look no further, because these chefs obviously know what they’re talking about, after all, they’ve got great taste.

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Stuart C. Wilson

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite meal of the day, breakfast. Chef Michael Volpatt of Big Bottom Market in California told Insider, “I love Starbucks espresso and order it ‘on the rocks. It’s basically just a double shot of espresso with ice, but I like ordering it that way because it sounds fancy.” While an espresso on the rocks sounds like it would hit the spot, you may want a little something extra. Chef Matt Ayala of Bernie’s in Chicago says that he goes for a sweet mocha cookie crumble Frappuccino with almond milk. We never would have ever thought of adding cookies to coffee, but it sounds like it will be our new obsession. Let’s say you are laying off the caffeine, there’s an option for you too. Chef Gianna Stanley says she loves to order, “the iced golden-ginger drink all year round. It tastes like sunshine in a cup and is vegan-friendly.”

But Starbucks isn’t just coffee and specialty drinks, but you can find a meal that will satisfy your hunger. Chef Dennis Chan of Blue Bamboo in Florida goes for a savory option. He gets the spinach, feta, and cage-free egg white wrap. He says, “If I’m really hungry I’ll order this wrap. However I’ll ask them to heat it two seconds longer than normal to avoid cold spots.” Or maybe you’re just coming out of a workout class and want something packed with protein, so you can go for the bacon and Gruyere sous-vide egg bites. This is what chef John Doherty of Black Barn in New York orders. It’s a quick snack and provides him with enough protein to keep him full until his next meal. Or if you really want to treat yourself, there’s even a gluten-free marshmallow bar. This is what chef Melissa Smith grabs. “It’s a delicious, easy, and gluten-free snack that’s always the perfect consistency,” she explains. “I sometimes pair it with a salted-cream cold brew for the caffeine kick.”

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