Cherry Snow Cone Glitter Gum
Marc Gordon - April 12, 2018

Ice Breaker’s Ice Cube Glitter Gum is here, and it comes in cherry cone flavor. We’ve already been taken to the best summer beach days just thinking about it.  Ok, so maybe it’s not actually that strong to stop these spring storms that have been happening, but they sure as heck will make the rain much more tolerable.

Not only will you get the delicious cherry snow cone flavor when you chew this epic gym, but the gum is also covered in edible glitter.  It will give you the most glamorous and sparkly fresh breath possible. It will be released on April 15th, and you’re going to want to mark you calendar, as well as make sure to stock up.

Enjoy the flavor of summer as you wait for it to really come, and also the ability to taste snow cones without spilling syrup all over your beach dress.

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